Ingress First Saturday  (#IngressFS) is a cross-faction event organised and run by agents, for agents all across the world on the First Saturday of each month. 

Find more information about the event on this site. 

What is an #IngressFS? 

Ingress First Saturday  (#IngressFS) events are officially recognized community organized and community run cross-faction Ingress events. While there are individual competitive elements, Ingress First Saturdays are not intended to be faction versus faction events. These events take place on the first Saturday  of every month. 

What is the purpose of an #IngressFS event?

The purpose of these events is to gather Agents from a local community in a social setting, have a shared Ingress experience, and provide an opportunity to on-board new players. An Ingress First Saturday is not an alternative for a Mission Day. 

What do you get in an #IngressFS?

Access Points (AP)

Rewards may include but are not limited to AP bonuses equal to the AP the Agent gained during the event and item passcodes.  AP bonuses will be granted the week following the event. 

In-game Badge

Agents will also obtain an #IngressFS medal.  Note that the levels of the First Saturday medal are for attending 1, 6, 12, 24, and 36 events for bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and onyx tier, respectively. This medal will not be retroactively applied and will be granted the week following the event. 

What is the general flow to an #IngressFS event?

Refer to the Events page for exact schedule. Schedule may change without prior notice. 

What are the activities in an #IngressFS event? 

Depending  on the decision of the organizers, event formats can be either or a combination of the following: 

Since the Global Pandemic, we have temporarily shifted to a virtual format. 

Check out the event page for the exact format and details. 

More questions?

Contact your local group for more information and tips. There might be different organizers for different #IngressFS locations. Always check with the Event page  to know who to contact.