#IngressFS: Taguig City

About the Event

#IngressFS: Taguig City will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2018 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The starting point for the event will be at the Ingress Mission Day Philippines booth in 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


#IngressFS: Taguig City will be a Stat-based Competition. The agent with the highest AP gained (delta of beginning AP and ending AP) during the two-hour period will be the winner. The highest AP gained for each faction will be also be recognized.


The schedule may change without prior notice. Remember to Register before the end date.

1:30 PM - You can start getting your AP tracking cards. Write your Agent Name and Level.

Hack the Central Square Fountain portal.

1:45 PM - Welcome speech and explanation of mechanics.

Hack the Central Square Fountain portal.

2:00 PM - Official start of the two-hour play period. Take a screenshot of your Agent Screen.

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Hack, deploy, burst, link, and field! Make the most AP!

4:00 PM - Official end of the two-hour play period. Take a screenshot of your Agent Screen.

Fill out your AP-BEGIN and AP-END then return the AP tracking card to the organizers. Upload the screenshots you took earlier here.

5:00 PM - Announcement of winners

Hack the Central Square Fountain portal again before you leave.

What to do: Before the Event


Register for the event so we can estimate the number of attendees and provide you with relevant and updated information via e-mail. Ensure you use correct spelling on your Agent name. Note that the e-mail you use doesn't need to be the e-mail you use for Ingress.

Register here. You will receive an e-mail confirmation, note the Registration ID. Keep this e-mail!

What to do: During the Event

Hack the #IngressFS Registration Portal!

Do not forget to hack the registration portal - Central Square Fountain! Not hacking the registration portal will forfeit your AP bonus and badge.

Get the AP tracking card

Get the AP tracking card and mark your current AP points. The AP tracking card will be scanned by the organizers to take your scores.

To accomplish your tracking card: Write your Agent Name, Level, AP-BEGIN* (Your AP at 2:00 PM or later), AP-END* (Your AP at 4:00 PM or earlier) and Registration ID (This is in the confirmation e-mail from your registration.

Mark the corresponding bubbles. The shading doesn't have to be perfect. A significant mark will be valid. See a sample completed AP tracking card.

Also take screenshots!

Make screenshots of your Agent Screen for AP-BEGIN and AP-END. Upload a screenshot (showing your agent name, AP and time.) The screenshot should indicate a time (2:00 or later) for AP-BEGIN, and a time (4:00 or earlier) for AP-END.

Any screenshot made outside the designate time (2:00PM - 4:00PM) will get the agent disqualified. Screenshot made in between the time frame are acceptable.

Upload using this form.

What to do: After the Event

Return your AP tracking card

Return your tracking card after the event so the organizers can take note of your scores. Wait for the announcement of winners! Prizes will be given out to the highest AP gainer, and the runner-ups from both factions.



Enlightened #IngressFS: Taguig Leader


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